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BSL-3 Diagnostic and Analytical Laboratory

This Mobile BSL-3 Diagnostic and Analytical Laboratory was designed and constructed specifically for King Abdulaziz University Hospital to be pre-deployed at major events in Saudi Arabia, including the Hajj, and to be deployed in response to any disease outbreak in the Kingdom. This mobile laboratory suite consists of BSL-3 and BSL-2 labs, and an anteroom/administrative room. The laboratory primary containment systems include a Class III glovebox in the BSL-3 lab, and two Class II BSCs in the BSL-2 lab, each provided with Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs) for safe transfer of samples. A pass-box and a pass-through double door autoclave allow safe passage of samples and waste between the BSL-3 and BSL-2 labs. The laboratory suite is installed in a semi-tractor trailer with slide-out sections to maximize the working area. The mechanical room and storage spaces for deployment equipment are located at the rear of the trailer and in bays underneath the laboratory.The tractor that tows the laboratory trailer also carries the main generator to power the lab when public utility connections are unavailable. To ensure an alert crew of laboratory technicians during long deployments, a crew housing module on the tractor provides sleeping berths, bathroom with a shower, galley for food preparation, and a desk. In addition to the main laboratory, the project also includes a smaller sample collection laboratory in a Sprinter van. This lab is equipped with a Class III glovebox for safely receiving unknown samples, a workbench for preliminary screening testing, and a refrigerator and freezer for sample storage. In the anteroom of this lab, there is a patient seating area for collecting blood, sputum, or other samples from patients. These samples can then be delivered to the BSL-3 lab for more in depth analysis. This laboratory was commissioned in 2012 and has been in operation during multiple high profile events.

King Abdulaziz University BSL-3
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Mobile BSL-3
Jeddah, Kindom of Saudi Arabia

Construction Project

Germfree has more than five decades of experience in biological safety equipment manufacturing. Our systems are installed worldwide and meet the demands for bio-containment at the highest levels.

Our engineers have designed a unit that combines the ideal layout, functionality and quality of construction with practical economic considerations.

Many factors contribute to the performance of a BSL-2+ laboratory. These include core fundamentals such as inward airflow and the integration of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. BSL-2+ facilities also require optimized decontamination capabilities which include installation of an autoclave and rugged, sealed, chemically-resistant interiors.

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An organization realizes the need for a biocontainment solution and seeks out Germfree's expertise.



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