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CBRNE Trailer Laboratory

Germfree provided a single mobile laboratory unit capable of operating independently for sample analysis and secure sample storage as well as being capable of full functional integration with the Microbiology and Chemical Agent Laboratory modules. This required the development of high complex containment laboratories with extremely high levels of communications and IT integration including both non-secure network connectivity and a secure network shared by all laboratory modules connected either by hard wire or satellite communication. Secure and safe sample transfer between laboratories was critical as well as physical means to ensure sample integrity and sample chain of custody.

CBRNE Forensic Mobile Response Laboratory
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Project Type:

Construction Project

Germfree has more than five decades of experience in biological safety equipment manufacturing. Our systems are installed worldwide and meet the demands for bio-containment at the highest levels.

Our engineers have designed a unit that combines the ideal layout, functionality and quality of construction with practical economic considerations.

Many factors contribute to the performance of a BSL-2+ laboratory. These include core fundamentals such as inward airflow and the integration of Class II Biological Safety Cabinets. BSL-2+ facilities also require optimized decontamination capabilities which include installation of an autoclave and rugged, sealed, chemically-resistant interiors.

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An organization realizes the need for a biocontainment solution and seeks out Germfree's expertise.



Germfree works closely with the organization to determine project needs and suitable solutions.



The project enters offsite production at Germfree. FAT testing before shipment.