bioGO™ Mobile Adaptive BioProduction Suites

Flexible cGMP Cleanrooms,
R&D and BioContainment Space

Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures transportable production units to deliver rapid and flexible solutions. Our self-contained BioPharma Trailers are deployed for a range of applications where a dedicated or limited-scale cGMP-compliant facility is required. They provide cleanroom process areas as well as any needed containment.

bioGO™ BioPharma Trailers bring advanced capabilities when existing infrastructure is insufficient or unavailable. We configure our mobile units for the demands of your current operations. However, core air filtration or biosafety equipment is interchangeable to adapt to new process requirements. Additionally, our turnkey facilities may be leased for any project duration.

We have extensive global experience in manufacturing transportable cleanrooms and labs. Our biocontainment and cGMP expertise has positioned us to develop advanced mobile facilities with complex controlled environments. Germfree’s bioGO™ Fast-track Mobile Platform is a truly innovative solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

bioGO – A New Approach – Fast & Advanced Space Delivered to your Site

BSL-3 cGMP Trailer
The Biopharmaceutical industry is implementing new technologies and platforms for the broadening pipeline of emerging therapies. There is a call for specialized and flexible cGMP-compliant space. Many applications simply require small-scale, preclinical process areas and cleanrooms. Separate, short-term facilities are often ideally suited for the early stages of drug development. For startups, these units can be repurposed as production is ramped up to later phases.

Germfree’s BioPharma Trailers are utilized for a wide range of applications: small-batch biologicals, developmental vaccines, R&D batches, Phase I and Phase II clinical trials, cell therapy, gene therapy and other developmental stages of biotechnology. They can be instrumental in maintaining the cold chain and for fragile therapeutics.

For processes that involve handling potent APIs or hazardous biological agents, we integrate all primary and secondary containment systems. Units can be set up to separate pathogenic agents from other buildings.

Our BioPharma facilities serve other practical or routine operations within the pharmaceutical and research sectors. These may include: research or university incubators/R&D, pilot projects, Quality Control (QA/QC) labs, as well as chemistry and molecular-PCR labs.

Flexible Cleanrooms & Labs for Temporary or Ongoing Projects

bioGO™ BioPharma Trailers offer an advanced and rapid approach to handling space constraints and surge capacity, or adding new levels of aseptic conditions and containment. They can be installed for ongoing operations or easily repurposed for biopharmaceutical process change-outs. Transportability allows for strategic positioning or relocation to wherever they are needed.

We also offer rental options to match your project timeline. Leasing can mitigate risks and curb expenditures for campaigns that have variable durations or are discontinued. Additionally, during building renovations these units provide critical capabilities allowing for uninterrupted operations. As self-sustaining facilities they minimize on-site disruptions.

Germfree – The Engineering Control Experts

cGMP Trailer w Class II
It is imperative for laboratories and cGMP production areas to have properly integrated engineering controls. All HVAC, air filtration and containment systems must be precisely configured for the facility. Germfree has extensive experience in manufacturing mobile cleanrooms and laboratories that meet these critical demands.

Germfree also manufactures and integrates all core equipment installed in our BioPharma Trailers including: Custom RABS and Pharmaceutical Isolators, Class III Biological Safety Cabinets, Class II BCSs, Laminar Flow Workstations, Powder Containment Enclosures and Fume Hoods.

All Germfree products are manufactured in our environmentally controlled factory. Our leading-edge fabrication technology, engineering teams and subject-matter experts are located at our 173,000 square foot (16,000 square meter) US plant. Having a single source solution accelerates your project timeline.

Germfree Advanced Standards and Features

Fully Self-contained cGMP Facilities
  • Available as an open cleanroom or with specific zones for aseptic processes or containment
  • Units can be hooked up to existing building connections (shore power) or function independently with on-board generators and water tanks
  • Trailers can be installed in warehouse/shell buildings for extended deployments
  • Easily moved to site or region it is needed
  • 53’ ft. (16 meter) long trailers have slide-out walls to increase interior space
  • Engineered and configured for any required standards including: FDA cGMP, USP, Biocontainment up to BSL-3; Cleanroom up to Grade A
  • Advanced Features and Fabrication
  • Highly durable overall construction and resistant interior finishes; Arcoplast walls and ceilings; cleanroom-certified seamless vinyl flooring
  • Radius coved corners for ease of cleaning and decontamination
  • All stainless steel equipment, fixtures and casework (316L available)
  • Optimal integration of HVAC for a low ratio of mechanical space
  • Advanced security features and entry systems; external pass-throughs
  • Integrated Sterilization/Decon systems
  • Additional Interchangeable Components are available including: Freezers, Refrigerators, cGMP Washers and Autoclaves
  • Comprehensive Design Process
  • Fully customizable and configured to provide the ideal workflow
  • Complete engineering package and collaborative design planning with 3D modeling
  • Cleanroom zones to meet the demands for product sterility/cGMP assurance
  • IQ/OQ; complete documentation package
  • Factory Acceptance Testing; Factory pre-qualification
  • Configured for your current process – Flexible for future applications

    bioGO BioPharma Trailers offer the most flexible approach to adding cGMP-compliant space and containment. As a single-source OEM for both the facility and all core equipment, we deliver advanced solutions wherever they are needed. Germfree’s approach brings innovative capabilities to boost overall performance and accelerate Time-to-Market.

    Contact Germfree to discuss your biopharmaceutical requirements and our leasing options.

    In addition, for compounding in clinical drug trials, we maintain a fleet of USP 797/USP 800 rental trailers.

    Germfree also manufactures BioPharma Modules for applications with larger space requirements.

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