Airlocks for BSL-3 Labs

Sealed airlocks maintain complete environmental separation between the work area and ambient conditions. The airlock air eliminates cross contamination between the work area and the room during both material ingress and egress.

Airlocks are also known as:
  • Ante-chambers
  • Pass-through chambers
  • Airlock
  • Airlocks can be any size and equipped with the following:
  • Windows
  • Sliding trays
  • Gloveports
  • Interlocks
  • HEPA purge filtration (continuous HEPA purge or PLC controlled cycle)
  • Three and four door applications directly into BSC or wall
  • PLC control (Interlocks and purge cycle)
  • Piping and ports for independent decontamination
  • Chain of custody port
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