Filter Systems

Filter Systems for BSL-3 Applications

Exhaust Filtration Systems

Germfree has developed a High Containment Filtration System for hazardous materials in applications where fail-safe, redundant exhaust air-filtration is necessary. These systems provide the proper filters and airflow required to remove hazardous materials.
Germfree’s application engineers can recommend a system targeted to the demands of your specific operation.

HVAC Filter Banks

Germfree’s HEPA filter banks are used to filter both inlet and exhaust air to meet high containment laboratory requirements. These filtration units, the containment area, the Class III BSCs, and the HVAC system are isolated with bubble-tight valves and plumbed to accept paraformaldehyde gas, VHP and, ClO2, for targeted decontamination processes.

HEPA housings are located to facilitate easy filter replacement and are equipped with Bag-Out flanges to safely contain and remove HEPA filters. The building automation system and microprocessor-controlled variable-air volume dampers and valves control the pressure, airflow, temperature and humidity in the antechamber and room. These electronic systems are backed up with visual airflow indicators.

Options include: Integrated back-up emergency generator, carbon filtration and monitoring systems.

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