Downdraft Tables

Necropsy Tables: Class I Ventilated Workstations

Germfree manufactures Downdraft Tables for a range of pathology work in an open source area. We specialize in energy-saving workstations that have minimal exhaust CFM requirements. Our units are constructed of stainless steel and are designed to be easily cleaned and decontaminated.

Germfree’s Downdraft Tables are ventilated workstations that are specifically designed for many procedures in pathology/histopathology labs and animal research facilities. These units, sometimes referred to as Necropsy Tables, provide protection during animal necropsies, surgeries, specimen dissections, gross dissections/tissue grossing, perfusions and preparation of histological slides as well as other histology work.

Downdraft Tables protect personnel and the working environment by drawing contaminated air away from the work area. The ventilated workstation operates under negative pressure to exhaust fumes, aerosols and other chemical irritants or odors. The contaminated air is vented through a properly configured exhaust system.

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Germfree specializes in the manufacture and integration of advanced laboratory equipment for a wide variety of applications. Our Downdraft Tables are designed and engineered to meet the demands of your specific application.

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