Robotic Safety Enclosures

Sterile Air & Containment with Class II Functionality

High-throughput screening (HTS) is an ever-increasing method utilized in biological and chemical laboratory experimentation. Robotic systems and high-throughput screening is currently in use for applications such as drug discovery, clinical lab research, tissue culture, immunology and molecular biology. HTS has become feasible for more operations as a result of modern advances in robotics / automation equipment, liquid handling devices and high-speed computing. Proper enclosures are now required to meet the demands for operator safety and product sterility.

Germfree Manufactures Enclosures Designed for High-Throughput Screening

Germfree brings five decades of containment experience to this emerging field to provide biological safety for specialized robotic applications. We design, engineer and manufacture large capacity, containment enclosures for your robotic operations. Germfree’s Robotic Safety Enclosures provides the functionality and level of personnel and product protection that is similar to a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, while providing a significantly deeper work deck and higher interior.

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