Source Capture Filtration

Portable Fume Hoods & Source Capture Filtration

Source Capture Filtration CPMany procedures produce a point source of gas or particulate contamination including nanoparticulates. Germfree’s Source Capture (SC) Systems are designed to remove localized contaminants where they are generated. These units are utilized to provide filtration of particulates or fumes in laboratories, cleanrooms and other production areas. Our SC Systems provide flexible solutions for many applications and are adaptable for use with various lab enclosures. SC units are self-contained and easy to move.

Filtration Modules and Enclosures to Match Your Application

Germfree offers a range of filter and enclosure options to match your application. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) or optional ULPA filter removes airborne particles including:source-capture-2-pp smoke, dust, powders, bioaerosols and nanoparticulates with an efficiency of 99.99%. Germfree’s Carbon Composite Module removes a wide range of gaseous contaminants using various combinations of adsorptive, chemisorptive and reactive agents. The units are coupled with the proper enclosures to provide flexibility of configuration for capturing contaminants from localized areas. For example, Germfree’s SC systems are easily matched with small fume hoods and safety enclosures

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