BSL-3 HVAC Mechanical Suite

The most complex component of a BSL-3 Laboratory is the mechanical suite which includes the HVAC and air filtration/pressure controls. Many parts of the world do not have the mechanical trades necessary to build these complex systems. Germfree has a complete in house engineering team specializing in the unique requirements of BSL-3 Laboratories.

Germfree’s BSL-3 HVAC mechanical suites provide a complete, single-source, integrated solution packaged on skids or manufactured in a shipping container. Our engineering team follows the project from conception through installation and commissioning. These suites also eliminate the need for numerous onsite contractors and corresponding coordination, thereby simplifying the construction process.

Complete Systems Include:

  • Air Conditioning and heating equipment that is locally serviceable in the region of installation
  • All welded stainless steel plenums and ductwork – Helium leak tested
  • Building Automation Systems (BAS) for the complete laboratory
  • Exhaust and Supply HEPA filtration housings with shut-off valves and decontamination ports
  • Complete engineering support
  • Read more about the Rationale for Modular Laboratories and why Germfree is uniquely qualified to build Modular Laboratories.

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