Integrated Modular BSL-3 Buildings

Integrated Modular BSL-3 and ABSL-3 Laboratories

Germfree Integrated Modular PP
Germfree Integrated Modular™ offers significant advantages over site-built construction.
This highly innovative approach provides new laboratory space that is engineered for your specific technical and architectural requirements. Our Integrated Modular solutions meet or exceed the functional and structural quality of a site-built bio-containment laboratory, while significantly reducing the construction timeline.

These fully operational, turnkey facilities are built in our controlled manufacturing environment. All technical areas (bio-containment or other laboratory spaces) are fabricated, assembled and Factory Acceptance Tested at Germfree, and then shipped to your site. This assures that upon delivery, all critical systems are precisely configured and fully operational. Additionally, our Integrated Modular approach allows for a shorter certification or commissioning timeframe.

Germfree Integrated Modular™ Delivers a Manufactured Option that Blends with your Existing Buildings

Our engineering team works with your facility managers to coordinate a final exterior building that allows uniformity with your existing architecture. Additionally the technical space is designed to easily integrate with non-technical areas. Bio-containment/laboratory modules are engineered by Germfree to be built-into an overall larger structure that can include additional areas for administrative and office space.

Germfree Integrated Modular™ Offers Many Benefits Over Traditional Construction:
  • Variety of exterior options ranging from simple exterior finishes to complete multi-functional facilities
  • Designed to fully match the architectural style of your other buildings
  • Availability of containerized platforms that can be relocated for research or process changes
  • All lab space and integrated components are fabricated in our controlled manufacturing environment
  • Dual-structures add additional layer of biosecurity
  • ISO International Shipping Containers can be utilized for global delivery and installation to any area
  • Mitigates disruptions typical of standard construction
  • Accelerated completion and commissioning timeline
  • Optimal rooftop placement of HVAC systems maximizes lab/production space
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