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BSL-3 Containerized Modular International High Containment Solutions

BSL-3 Containerized Modular Featured
With Germfree Containerized Modular you can have an operational BSL-3 lab in any region of the world in less than one year. These labs are built into specialty ISO shipping containers for easy global deployment. Additionally, our containerized BSL-3 labs provide high containment solutions to remote areas of the world. Germfree Containerized Modular lets you expand your existing laboratory operations or deliver new BSL-3 capabilities to your site.

BSL-3 Global Solutions:

Our modular labs also play a critical role in bringing BSL-3 capabilities to geographic areas where Biosafety Level 3 operations may previously have been unobtainable. A limited set of countries have the internal mechanical construction resources to complete such projects. Germfree is uniquely qualified to deliver BSL-3 laboratories operations wherever they are needed.

HVAC Systems and Controls:
The most complex components of a BSL-3 laboratory are the HVAC/air filtration systems and controls. Many parts of the world do not have the mechanical trades necessary to build these complex systems. Germfree has a complete in house design and engineering team specializing in the unique requirements of BSL-3 laboratories. Germfree manufactures the ductwork, plenums and integrates all the critical components including the Building Automation System (BAS).

Sustainable Labs – Matching Local Resources

Germfree’s BSL-3 Container Labs were developed to meet the requirements of regions with limited utilities. We can provide complete electrical power packages including diesel electric generators, inverters and solar panels. Because we understand the logistics for each country, we specialize in regionally specific compatibility of our equipment. All systems, wherever possible, are designed for ease of local serviceability.

Further, all Germfree projects are designed to minimize vulnerability to local conditions. For example, our containerized lab in Zaria, Nigeria was adapted to operate effectively even during the seasonal sub-Saharan sand storms.

Germfree’s Containerized BSL-3 labs are a proven international solution.

Germfree’s Containerized BSL-3 labs allow for research, monitoring and surveillance to be conducted in any part of the world where there is a concern. For example, our BSL-3 lab in Zaria, Nigeria provides researchers with all critical resources needed to work with MDR-TB, HIV and Malaria. This modular high containment BSL-3 lab represents a completely unique approach to addressing global health initiatives. It solves fundamental problems from logistics to minimal infrastructure. Biosafety Level 3 labs are complex projects, requiring intricate systems. Germfree is the only modular container laboratory manufacturer in the world that designs, engineers and manufacturers all of the critical primary and secondary containment equipment for these laboratories.

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