Van Laboratories

Analytical and Bio-Containment Labs in a Compact & Agile Platform

Germfree Sprinter Van Lab ExteriorGermfree’s Van Labs provide quick access to remote locations as well as easy maneuverability in urban areas. These compact mobile laboratories accommodate a small team of personnel who must gain access to incident sites quickly.

The Germfree Mobile Van Lab model is based on a 4 meter long Sprinter van that is easy to maneuver in tight city streets or narrow, unimproved roads. Samples can be prioritized for rapid testing in the field or safely transported to another facility. Additionally, this world recognized platform is ideal for international applications.

Germfree has specifically designed this platform for applications requiring the integration of primary containment equipment such as biological safety cabinets and fume hoods into a compact space.

Available with a Class III Biological Safety Cabinet for higher containment applications

Germfree Van Laboratory Interior Class III BSC
Commonly configured with a Class III BSC in a BSL-2 laboratory environment, Van Labs offer a small, safe and efficient platform for on-site analytical and processing applications.

Germfree installs a relatively large amount of containment equipment into this small, self-sufficient laboratory to facilitate sample collection, rapid testing and sample packaging for safe and secure transport to a strategically based reference lab.

Germfree’s Van Labs are ideal for First Responders and Monitoring & Surveillance Operations

Mobile Laboratories support a wide variety of applications performed by Departments of Agriculture, Departments of Environment, Public Health Laboratories and First Responders.

Rapid deployment of properly equipped mobile units are vital to operations that prevent further transmission of disease and help maintain quarantine zones. In high-consequence disease outbreaks Germfree Van Labs provide flexibility, speed, analytic reliability and safe sample handling and transport.

Analytical/Chem Labs

sprinter-van-interiorGermfree’s mobile laboratories are ideal for a range of environmental assessment and monitoring operations as well as analytical testing for mining, petroleum, industrial and specialty applications.

Mobile Sprinter Labs with Standard Configurations

Germfree specializes in the custom design, engineering and manufacture of mobile labs for your specific application. Additionally, we provide units that are designed and configured for certain standard applications which include the following:

Forensics Mobile Labs: Compact and agile unit with biological and chemical safety equipment required to assess crime scenes and properly contain suspicious materials and maintain chain of custody. Outfitted into a Sprinter Van platform.

Public Health Mobile Labs: Sprinter Van unit outfitted with biological safety equipment required for public health surveillance and testing. Proper sample collection, analysis and transport is assured.

First Responder Labs: Ideal rapid response unit equipped for CBRNe detection and on-site threat assessment. Vehicles can be equipped with detection and analytical instruments. Sprinter Van platform.

These units are often used for analytical and environmental processes. Please see our Analytical Lab section for information on the range of laboratories we offer for these industries.

Read more about why Germfree is uniquely qualified to build Mobile Laboratories.

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