Cleanroom Pass-Through Boxes

Pass-Through Chambers for the Modern Pharmacy Cleanroom

Germfree has leveraged our decades of facility design experience to develop a pass-through (airlock) that is uniquely engineered to meet the demands of a modern pharmacy cleanroom. All stainless steel construction with coved interior and exterior corners and a pharmaceutical grade finish make these pass-through boxes the most cleanable and robust on the market.

Germfree’s line of Cleanroom Pass-Through Boxes are designed to facilitate the safe transfer of materials between work areas within a pharmacy cleanroom. Sealed pass-through boxes maintain complete environmental separation between work areas. The pass-through box air eliminates cross contamination between work areas during both material ingress and egress.

For use in hospital pharmacy and pharmaceutical cleanrooms to maintain control of particulates as materials are passed from one room to another. Pass-through boxes reduce traffic within the cleanroom while expediting the transfer of product, supplies and equipment. These units are designed to fit seamlessly into both new and existing cleanroom facilities.

Per USP <800>: “…a method to transport HDs, HD CSPs, and HD waste into and out of the negative pressure buffer room to minimize the spread of HD contamination. This may be accomplished by use of a pass-through chamber between the negative-pressure buffer area and adjacent space. The pass-through chamber must be included in the facility’s certification to ensure that particles are not compromising the air quality of the negative-pressure buffer room.”

Product Specifications

Standard Sizes

Model                  Static / HEPA Purge         Interior Dimensions      Wall Opening Dimensions

PTAS-1616          Static                                      16”H x 16”W x 24”D       24.25”H x 31.375”W

PTAS-2416          Static                                      24”H x 16”W x 24”D       32.25”H x 31.375”W

PTAS-2424          Static                                      24”H x 24”W x 24”D       32.25”H x 39.375”W

PTAH-1616         HEPA Purge                       16”H x 16”W x 24”D       24.25”H x 31.375”W

PTAH-2416         HEPA Purge                       24”H x 16”W x 24”D       32.25”H x 31.375”W

PTAH-2424         HEPA Purge                       24”H x 24”W x 24”D       32.25”H x 39.375”W


  • HEPA Purge and Static Pass-Through models available
  • All stainless steel construction
    • Fabricated from the most robust materials, Germfree’s cleanroom pass-through boxes are designed to withstand the repeated use and daily cleaning required by a cleanroom facility
  • Coved interior and exterior corners
    • These units are designed to be highly cleanable, both inside and out
  • Gas-tight Construction
  • Supply and Exhaust HEPA Filters
  • HEPA Purge
    • HEPA Purge Models Only – When materials are placed within the pass-through box and the doors are closed, a HEPA-purge cycle is initiated which rapidly exhausts and filters the interior air until it has reached ISO Class 7
  • Mechanical interlocks
    • This system prevents both doors from ever being opened simultaneously
    • HEPA Purge Models Only – The receiving side door will remain locked for the duration of the purge cycle
  • Windows
    • Tempered glass viewing windows allow a clear line of site both within the pass-through box and between rooms


  • System requires 110V, 60Hz, 20-amp hard-wired power connection (230V, 50Hz system available)
  • Optional wall plug   


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