Why Germfree Mobile Labs?

Germfree designs, engineers and manufactures advanced containment laboratories. We focus on properly engineering and building the mobile laboratory that meets your exact requirements. We also utilize our expertise on seamlessly integrating the lab into the platform of your choice. Some companies that specialize in motor vehicles try to fit third party laboratory equipment inside their vehicles. These automotive companies do not have the highly specialized experience in bio-containment required to make the containment systems operate effectively.

Germfree has fives decades of bio-containment, manufacturing and engineering experience including HVAC systems for BSL-3 (Biological Safety Level 3 / P3) laboratories. We continue to leverage our experience in the development of innovative approaches to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. We have more than 15 years experience in making labs mobile by configuring vehicles for the proper integration of laboratory equipment.

The essential criteria for any lab manufactured by Germfree, is that it meets the specific demands of the user. First responders and laboratory personnel require well-designed lab environments — whether they are working at a fixed-site or in the field. Germfree manufactures laboratories that are precisely integrated into the mobile platform of your choice.

All Laboratory Equipment is Seamlessly Integrated into the Mobile Biosafety Lab

Modern Mobile Laboratories utilize sophisticated components and containment systems, all of which must work seamlessly and often within rugged environments. Some motor vehicle companies have attempted to enter the mobile lab market, outfitting their vehicles with 3rd-party laboratory equipment. However, they lack the expertise to properly integrate primary and secondary containment systems.

Germfree Mobile Puts the Lab First

Our experience has demonstrated that advanced mobile lab projects must be developed with a lab-to-vehicle approach (not a vehicle-to-lab approach). This means that the core design must be focused around the lab and integrated into the optimal vehicle for the application.

Germfree. Base your solution on the lab first.

Advanced HVAC Engineering: Critical for any Mobile Biological Safety / Containment Lab

First and foremost, Germfree is a laboratory company that has the knowledge and experience to construct a well-designed lab. We are a primary containment equipment manufacturer and experts at integrating lab components. Our engineers understand the complexities of HVAC systems for mobile bio-containment labs. For example, setting up an HVAC system that maintains the proper air flow, maintains differential pressure cascades, and accounts for primary containment equipment airflow requirements (make-up air).

How Germfree distinguishes itself as the leader in the field:

  • We have the knowledge, experience and proven track record required to construct a well-designed containment lab.
  • Our focus is building labs that can be outfitted into the vehicle of your choice.
  • Independent consultants review BSL designs before Germfree builds the lab.
  • We manufacture all of the critical laboratory equipment and integrate it into the proper vehicle.
  • We have years of experience integrating virtually any type of standard and non-standard laboratory component that is required for your application.
  • We are a primary containment equipment manufacturer and innovator in that field.
  • We have an extensive in-house HVAC engineering department to ensure the optimal design of complex HVAC projects.
  • As a single-source provider, we eliminate the need to manage numerous subcontractors.
  • Germfree Mobile Labs Puts the Lab First

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