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More About: American Biological Safety Association

The American Biological Safety Association or ABSA was founded in 1984 and since that time has served to “promote biosafety as a scientific discipline and serve the growing needs of biosafety professionals throughout the world.” The organization also plays a critical role in the time exchange of biosafety information.

According to ABSA, the organization accomplishes these goals by “publishing and distributing a quarterly journal, Applied Biosafety and a number of other biosafety publications. ABSA also conducts an annual Biological Safety Conference to keep members informed of current biosafety issues and regulatory initiatives. The conference is preceded by a selection of biosafety courses geared at the beginner and advanced levels. In addition, ABSA produces an annual membership directory to stimulate networking.”
Additionally ABSA offers registration and certification programs: Registered Biosafety Professional and Certified Biological Safety Professional. Certification includes a biological safety exam developed by ABSA and administered by the National Registry of Certified Microbiologists (NRCM).

The American Biological Safety Association is committed to its members in four broad areas:
“Developing and maintaining professional standards for the field of biological safety; Advancing biological safety as a scientific discipline through education and research; Providing members sustained opportunities for biosafety communication, education and participation in the development of biological safety standards, guidelines and regulations; Expanding biosafety awareness and promoting the development of work practices, equipment and facilities to reduce the potential for occupational illness and adverse environmental impact from infectious agents or biologically-derived materials.”

Please visit the website of The American Biological Safety Association for more information.

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