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More About: American Glovebox Society

The purpose of the American Glovebox Society or AGS is to advance the science of glovebox and containment technology.

According to the organization: “AGS is a non-profit organization formed in Denver, Colorado, in 1986 to promote safety and quality of glovebox systems; promote communication; disseminate knowledge in the field of glovebox technology through symposia, publications and other media; and recommend standards and guidelines for glovebox technology to existing national and international associations, and promote adoption of such approved standards to reduce costs, both fabrication and operational. The definition of a ‘glovebox’ as used by the Society includes enclosures, barriers, and isolators.

The art of glovebox technology is advanced through the AGS by dissemination of information. The Society accomplishes this in a variety of ways, including organizing an annual technical conference and equipment exhibition; publishing a quarterly newsletter, The Enclosure; and generating guidelines.”

“The AGS provides a means to expand glovebox technology into new fields, as well as refine use in existing fields, by providing a forum where the experience and knowledge of users, designers and fabricators in industries such as nuclear, biomedical, semiconductor, chemical, and pharmaceutical can be shared.
AGS members are from many professions, with a wide diversity of containment needs. Predominantly we are represented by the nuclear industry, largely the Department of Energy (DOE) facilities. In recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has become interested in containment, and refers to gloveboxes as isolators or barriers. The biological industry also uses gloveboxes, but often refers to them as biological safety cabinets. Another industry that has recently become interested in gloveboxes is the microelectronics industry, as a means to reduce costs of business by migrating away from cleanrooms. Research projects in many industries often require the use of glovebox containment. Glovebox type containment is used to protect the worker and/or environment from the material, protect the material from the environment, or in some cases, both.”

Further information about AGS is available on the American Glovebox Society website.

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