October 2-3, 2017 – Boston, MA

The Tradeline Facility Strategies for Animal Research and Biocontainment 2017 will convene on October 2-3 in Boston, MA. According to the organizers “At this conference, you’ll hear from industry leaders on the technologies, project details, metrics, costs, and outcomes for new and successful initiatives involving:

  • New space metrics and benchmarks
  • Low cost flexibility features and equipment
  • Equipment, components, and systems for regulatory and certification compliance
  • Digitization of cages, racks, equipment, and space
  • Software, systems, and sensors for data collection and monitoring
  • Isolation strategies for germ-free/gnotobiotic/SPF rodents
  • Translational genomics cores for high-demand CRISPR applications
  • ROI decision-making for capital improvement expenditures
  • Mitigation measures for noise, vibration, and animal stress in construction environments
  • Renovation strategies that yield continued operations during construction
  • More efficient capital project planning and management processes
  • Improved environmental control for vibration, acoustics, temperature, humidity
  • High priority features and technology for researcher recruitment
  • Lean/efficient process work flows and logistics
  • More efficient caging, IVC, and rack solutions
  • Wall and flooring materials
  • Specialized lab types (aquatics, reptiles, arthropods, etc.)
  • Equipment and policies for reduced air changes
  • Improved decontamination, sterilization, and waste handling processes and technology
    Reduced operations cost
  • Commissioning processes

For more information please visit the Tradeline website.

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