Germfree Rental Pharmacy Transcript

Germfree provides advanced turnkey mobile compounding pharmacies.
These units are equipped to handle all the compounding operations that are conducted in traditional buildings.
Facility renovations present unique challenges to the hospital pharmacy.
During construction, compounding services can not be interrupted.
It is also critical to maintain all standards for safety in aseptic conditions.
Germfree presents an innovative solution to sustain compounding services during any disruption to your facility.
These mobile units are also ideal for surge capacity or emergency preparedness.
The pharmacy is designed with distinct work zones.
Each environment maximizes safety, sterility and optimal workflow.
The Hazardous Drug Preparation area is an ISO 7 environment, operating under negative pressure.
The room is equipped with Class II biological safety cabinets.
The Sterile Compounding room is also ISO 7, but operates under positive pressure.
This zone is equipped with laminar flow workstations.
The pharmacy has an ISO 7 Anteroom for each compounding zone.
These serve as changing areas for personnel.
The office area is also maintained as a controlled environment.
HEPA purge Pass-throughs allow for efficient transfer of compounded preparations. Security and communications systems are provided throughout the mobile unit.
The pharmacy interior is constructed of premium materials selected for durability and ease of cleaning. The unit features stainless steel work surfaces and fixtures, with ample storage.
Dual redundant AC systems enhance user comfort.
A backup generator ensures that power is never interrupted for all critical systems.
Germfree’s Mobile Compounding Pharmacies are delivered to your site whenever they are needed.
They provide the ideal solution to seamlessly maintain all compounding operations.

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