Germfree Modular Puts the Lab First

Germfree is a laboratory company with five decades of manufacturing bio-containment systems. Our experience has demonstrated that advanced modular lab projects must be developed with a primary focus on the laboratory functionality. This means that the core design must be built around the lab and integrated into the optimal modular structure to meet the demands of the application.

Total Integration of Primary and Secondary Containment and all System Components

Germfree is the only modular laboratory manufacturer in the world that designs, engineers and manufacturers all of the critical primary and secondary containment equipment for modular labs. This includes: Class I, II and Class III Biological Safety Cabinets (BSC), casework, helium leak tested ductwork, fume hoods and laminar flow benches, as well as all critical secondary filtration systems.

To be successful, bio-containment laboratory projects demand advanced engineering and synchronization of all components for both the primary and secondary containment systems. Germfree builds all of the critical laboratory equipment and seamlessly integrates it into a module. This allows Germfree to maintain complete control of the entire manufacturing process.

Germfree Modular – A Single Source Solution

Modular laboratory projects require an array of equipment, controls and structures that must be precisely configured to work together. Working with Germfree eliminates the need for hiring numerous consultants, architects, contractors and bio-safety professionals. We provide all of the necessary trades and expertise needed to construct a complete laboratory facility, avoiding any confusion of responsibility. With Germfree Modular, your project goes operational with a unified, single source solution. From concept to completion, Germfree is responsible for every detail.

Advancing Modular Lab Technologies

Germfree entered the modular laboratory market after a 10 year history of providing mobile labs and corresponding primary and secondary containment systems for U.S. Army applications. These off-road units require critical attention to construction methods and materials. Meeting the military’s standards for ruggedness and reliability has led to innovative designs and manufacturing techniques. We were able to incorporate these Mobile innovations to produce durable, long lasting and low maintenance Modular laboratories.

HVAC Systems and Controls: The most complex components of high containment laboratories are the HVAC systems and controls. Germfree has a complete in house design and engineering team specializing in the unique requirements of HVAC and filtration systems for modular BSL laboratories.

Proven Track Record in International Solutions and Logistics

Germfree has deployed Containerized Modular labs throughout the world. Because these labs are modularized ISO containers we are able to deliver them anywhere. This makes Germfree uniquely positioned to provide a customized Modular solution for a range of applications to even the most remote locations. Further, we understand the wide range of complexities related to international laboratory projects such as shipping logistics, site preparation, export controls, worldwide commissioning, testing and certification.

Germfree designs and engineers our modular labs so they will handle the rigors of international transportation. This way, installation, commissioning and certification are not delayed.

Export Controls: Germfree has experience with US export laws and regulations and has obtained licenses to export BSL-3 laboratories to Asia, Africa and the Middle East. We have worked with both the Department of Commerce, for items controlled under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR), and the Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, for ITAR items.

Additionally, Germfree offers a comprehensive range of services and capabilities to effectively complete your high containment modular project.

• Biosafety risk assessment and on-site biosafety training
• Biosecurity risk assessment (physical security threat and vulnerability assessment)
• AAALAC assessment and requirements
• Complete on-site coordination and Installation
• Emergency planning and preparedness
• Laboratory planning and programming
• Administrative procedures, including SOP’s
• Facility maintenance program development and customized training
• Region and application-specific vaccination of Germfree personnel
• On-going maintenance plans
• Factory Acceptance Testing
• Commissioning
• Certification

Read more about the Rationale for Modular Laboratories.

Germfree is uniquely qualified to deliver advanced Modular solutions to meet the demands of your application…to destinations throughout the world.

Read more about Germfree’s Comprehensive Design & Engineering capabilities for Modular Laboratories

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