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All-Hazard receipt

Germfree has designed and built specialized Class III glovebox systems for laboratories that are equipped to receive high-risk unknown samples such as chemical and/or biological agents. These laboratories are operated by the Department of Homeland Security, state and local Public Health Agencies, Police and Fire Departments, and military units of many countries. 

These Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are uniquely designed for the triage requirements of Laboratory Response Network (LRN) and Public Health Labs (PHL). The Class III BSC provides an environment for the safe and secure containment, transportation and analysis of suspect nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) terrorism evidence, supporting the global fight against terrorism. The units can be fitted with Rapid Transfer Ports (RTPs) to facilitate chain of custody procedures, secure storage of Select Agents, and to simplify work flow and processing. The Class III BSC integrates with primary containment systems within the All Hazard Receipt Facility (AHRF).


Germfree specializes in filtration systems for both biological and chemical hazards. Type C HEPA filters are used to protect against biological hazards and by using several different types of carbon, Germfree can offer protection from TICs, TIMs, and NTAs. Germfree also offers complete HVAC mechanical space filtration modules that integrate into existing buildings and new construction.


    Creating Environments that Serve Life Science Innovation and Advance Global Health

    Our Class III Biological Safety Cabinets are engineered to exceedingly rigorous standards for work that involves dangerous pathogens or unknown agents

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