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Van Laboratories

Image of Germfree BSL-2 Van Laboratory

Van Laboratories

Germfree Van Laboratories: Analytical and Biocontainment Labs in a Compact & Agile Platform

Germfree’s Van Labs provide quick access to remote locations as well as easy maneuverability in urban areas. These compact mobile laboratories accommodate a small team of personnel enabling them to safely respond to incident sites very quickly.  The Germfree Mobile Van Lab acts as an extension of a regional or local fixed laboratory or, when used in conjunction with Germfree’s 53’ Mobile laboratory, creates a hub and spoke approach for strategic deployment of an agile public health response.  Samples can be prioritized for rapid testing in the field or safely transported to another facility. Additionally, this global platform is ideal for international applications.


bioGO® BSL-2 Van Lab

Proximity and speed are critical to early detection of a potential outbreak as part of an effective disease surveillance program.  Additionally, fixed laboratories and even larger trailer laboratories can present a challenge when engaging in a timely pandemic response, whether it be in remote/rural settings or dense urban populations.

Explore the tabs below for features and specifications, or click ‘Read More’ to explore Germfree’s Van Labs in general: 

Commonly configured with a Class II BSC (for presumptive analysis of materials that are potentially highly pathogenic or with unknown risk profiles) and a fume hood in a BSL-2 laboratory environment, Van Labs offer a small, safe and efficient platform for on-site analytical and processing applications. Ample containment equipment is installed into this small, self-sufficient laboratory to facilitate sample collection, rapid testing and sample packaging for safe and secure transport to a strategically based reference lab. Rapid deployment of properly equipped mobile units are vital to operations that prevent further transmission of disease and help maintain quarantine zones. In high-consequence disease outbreaks Germfree Van Labs provide flexibility, speed, analytic reliability and safe sample handling and transport.

Key Applications

Germfree specializes in the custom design, engineering and manufacture of mobile labs for your specific application. Additionally, we provide units that are designed and configured for certain standard applications which include the following:

  • Forensics Mobile Labs
  • Public Health Mobile Labs
  • First Responder Labs
  • Remote Biocontainment Labs
  • Field Research Labs






Vans come in a variety of models with varying specifications. Below is a sample chassis specification:

  • GVRW: 5,000 kg (11,023 lbs)
  • Total payload capacity: 2,500+ kg (5,511 lbs)
  • Towing capacity: 2,000+ kg (4,409 lbs)
  • Fuel capacity: 100+ liters (26 gal)
  • Trailer package

Based on a heavy-duty ‘high-roof’ van, Germfree’s Mobile BSL-2 Van Lab incorporates the following features:

General Features:

  • Seamless medical-grade vinyl flooring
  • Flooring coved up the walls to enhance cleanability
  • Interior bulkheads, walls, and ceiling are seamless Arcoplast laboratory grade panel system
  • Workbenches are designed to maximize space within the laboratory
  • Edges are rounded and polished to avoid snagging Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).
  • 180 degree, Rotating Cockpit seating for two (2)
  • Fold down workspace

Technical Features:

  • Air Handling Unit (AHU)
  • Biosafety Cabinet (BSC)
  • Casework
  • Benchtop Autoclave
  • Laboratory Fridge
  • Laboratory Freezer
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Germfree’s BSL-2 Van Lab is designed to support clinical laboratory testing operations meeting established BSL-2 requirements as per the U.S. CDC-NIH publication, Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories, 5th Edition (BMBL) and WHO Laboratory Guidelines.

The mobile laboratory interior will consist of two interior rooms and a mechanical space:

Entry/Anteroom: As the first/entry room, the anteroom is equipped with a hand washing sink with eyewash/emergency shower.  A workstation is provided with network data port connections for use with instruments, computer workstation, and printer. Communication connections between the lab, anteroom, and land lines will also be available at the workstation.   

BSL-2 Laboratory: The second room, a BSL-2 Laboratory includes workbenches, casework, a Class II Biosafety Cabinet, autoclave, laboratory fridge and freezer.

Mechanical Area: Includes generator, battery, and electrical distribution panel. An overhead light fixture and hand-held lamp on a cord reel are provided for night operations.        

  • Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (BSC)
    • 914 mm wide
    • All stainless steel construction
    • Ruggedized for use in a mobile laboratory
    • HEPA filtration provided
  • Laboratory refrigerator (4°C/39°F)
    • Operating Range
      •  2-8°C/36-46°F
    • Volume
      • Appox. 4 cubic feet/0.113 cubic meter
  • Laboratory freezer (-20°C/-4°F)
    • Operating Range
      •  -30-0°C/-22-32°F
    • Volume
      • Appox. 4 cubic feet/0.113 cubic meter
  • Benchtop autoclave (~20 L/5 gal)


The mobile lab features a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system engineered to maintain a comfortable working temperature in the lab while operating in normal climatic conditions. The system features two 13,500 BTU air conditioning units (accounting for analytical equipment heat loads)


  • Electrical distribution panel installed in the mechanical space
  • Electrical components and junction boxes placed for ease of maintenance.
  • 12 kW diesel electric generator is mounted in the mechanical space
    • Isolation dampers reduce noise and vibration in the lab
    • Generator draws fuel from the van fuel tank.
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detector installed in the laboratory
  • Deep cycle AGM type batteries
    • Power DC emergency lighting system
    • Power generator starter
    • Battery charger
  • Shore power connections for public utility power and auxiliary generator inputs
  • One Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides seamless power to the Biosafety Cabinet, offering 15 minutes to safely contain hazardous materials or restore power
  • Electrical wiring and cables for communication and data run in wire chases.
  • Sealed penetrations for utilities, lighting fixtures, pipes, conduit, duct interfaces, and joints (i.e. wall-floor joints)
  • LED lighting illuminate the interior of the lab and the work areas inside biosafety cabinets.


  • 38 liter/10 gallon Fresh water tank
  • On-demand electric water pump for a sink with eyewash/emergency shower.
  • Laboratory water tank is filled through a connection fitting for a garden hose attached to a water utility tap
  • 49 liter/13 gallon gray water tank, gravity drained


    Creating Environments that Serve Life Science Innovation and Advance Global Health

    Delivering the ultimate versatility to your laboratory solution, Germfree’s Van Labs are fit for the challenge wherever needed.

    Germfree's Van Labs provide quick access to remote locations as well as easy maneuverability in urban areas

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