Mobile Laboratories are now deployed for a wide range of public health and biosecurity applications. These mobile labs provide bio-containment for regions that were previously inaccessible or for operations that require quick mobilization of laboratory resources.

Mobile labs have long been in use for low-risk or non-critical applications. However, the mobile laboratory for high-containment biological safety operations has become a commercially available option in more recent years. Many new technologies have been developed that make these advanced mobile labs a viable option. For example, mobile laboratories can now be deployed to provide up to Biological Safety Level 3 (BSL-3).

Mobile laboratories may be implemented into a variety of platforms. These include the following:
Vans: Mobile labs in this platform are a practical solution for field deployment. This is the ideal compact mobile lab platform as these units offer quicker access to remote locations. Further they are easy to navigate in urban areas.

Trucks: This larger-scale mobile lab offers the most advanced option for mobility, integrated equipment and level of safety. This type of mobile laboratory is self-contained and carries the resources to allow the unit to operate remotely for larger scale projects and long periods of time.

Trailers: These versatile mobile laboratories allow for the maximum available lab space. In addition to on-site field use, this category of mobile lab may be used for surge capacity at fixed site facilities.

Containerized: This type of mobile lab is utilized for rapid and flexible international deployments, combining the transportability of an ISO intermodal shipping container with the mobility of a trailer. These mobile laboratories are a unique way to quickly respond to public health emergencies and outbreaks, natural disasters, industrial accidents or for use in bio-security.

Originally built for defense missions, Mobile Laboratories increasingly support a diverse range of other applications including Public Health Laboratories, Environmental Agencies, All Hazard Receipt Facilities, Departments of Agriculture and Veterinary Health, First Responders, Law Enforcement and other Security Agencies. Germfree Mobile units are also used for CBRNe/NBC (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear) sampling and analysis at high profile events such as International Summits, Inaugurations and the Olympics. Germfree Mobile Laboratories play a vital role in public health and national security by enabling a rapid response to natural and accidental outbreaks of disease and potential terrorist threats.

Germfree Mobile Labs offer comprehensive laboratory capabilities (up to BSL-3). They are often deployed to provide rapid on-site sample triage, screening and presumptive diagnostic capabilities to prioritize samples being sent to national reference labs.

Air: Mobile labs may also be configured for air cargo compatibility. This modality delivers the mobile lab with the ultimate flexibility and quickest response time combined with maximum lab capacity.
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